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We’re Headed Back In

This morning Caleb is dealing with some painful mouth sores. We are adamant about staying on Caleb to do his mouth care every morning and night, but still, the chemo causes them from time to time. Today they are oozing a little blood, so the clinic wants to see him to check his platelet count to see how they are looking with the mouth sores bleeding some. They are very painful, especially when trying to eat or drink. Caleb got a platelet transfusion Saturday before we left the hospital, but he need to make sure they are where they need to be.

We were looking forward to our first real summer break day together. I’m not real happy about it, but we WILL keep a good attitude and get through these last few weeks. The time and gas it takes for us to make all these trips is not fun, but the good thing is that we will be done in 11 weeks if all stays on schedule. In light of that fact that we know the cancer is gone and we just have to finish out the prescribed chemo schedule, we have nothing to complain about (not that complaining ever does any good!). That is what we hold on to on days like this. We appreciate your prayers today. I’ll post the results of our trip later.