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Still At The Hospital, Looking Better

We are still at the hospital today. Although Caleb’s ANC is still zero, his other numbers are improving. His white blood cell count is 0.4 today, whereas it was 0.3 yesterday. That is a good sign of improvement. Today they took Caleb to get xrays done because his cough has gotten worse the last two days. We still have not heard back on those. He is also just finishing up his second bag of blood being transfused today. Thanks to all of you that give blood when you can. We have definitely gotten our share of blood from the blood banks.

Caleb’s oncologist came by today and was encouraged by the improvements, but they are no longer giving us a timetable for when he can go home – only that his ANC must be above 200 before they will consider it. We have not heard what the plan is for next week’s scheduled chemo, but with his numbers being this low, they would not be able to give him any chemo anyway. At this point, he continues on the antibiotics and fluids. We don’t know how much longer we will be in the hospital. Holly stayed last night, and we are alternating nights right now, so I will stay overnight tonight. I’m going to go grab us some supper and then I’ll be sending her home again.

I was so encouraged with some news that Holly shared with me. This isn’t the good part, but one of the student nurses was telling Caleb and Holly that she wasn’t sure she would be able to do her job today because her brother was just this week diagnosed with cancer. She was an emotional wreck. She even told Holly and Caleb that she had been questioning whether she should continue pursuing pediatric nursing. So here’s the good part – Caleb started sharing with her how God had miraculously healed him of cancer, that God was our Healer, and that he would be praying for her brother. She said she felt so much better when she left, and that she was so encouraged, she would continue her plans in pediatric nursing. She said that Caleb inspired her and that she was going to continue on in pediatric nursing because of him. She said he was her favorite patient she has ever had. Caleb could have just saved someone’s career! I am so proud of him. God did not bring this on Caleb, but God can turn the enemy’s plan for Caleb’s destruction into a marvelous testimony of his healing power and grace. It is so awesome to see Caleb stepping out in faith and sharing his story. What a marvelous, awesome, worthy, magnificent, all-powerful, all-sufficient God we serve!!

I knew the verse I was looking for, but I could not remember the reference. It talks of when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery and his reencounter with his brothers. He told them that what they (or the enemy had intended for harm, God used for good. But it was the second half of that verse that I did not remember. I searched the internet for the verse so I could post the reference. When I read it, I got chill bumps. I’m sharing that verse with Caleb, as I believe this could be his theme verse of his life.Thank You, Jesus!

Genesis 50:20 (NLT) –

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.