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So Proud Of Little Brother

Joshua told me today that he wanted to shave his head since Caleb was losing his hair now. He has been so amazing during this time. Caleb is very independent, but Joshua needs attention and affection. I have been careful not to neglect him with all the attention Caleb is getting. We went on a Daddy Date today. We got lunch, went to Best Buy and Game Stop, and got a new haircut. He told the lady to shave it all off so he could support his big brother. What an amazing little brother and supporter he is!

Here is the finished product!

2 thoughts on “So Proud Of Little Brother

  1. Way to go Joshua !!! The Murray’s is going to be a family of BOLD and bald men.. So proud of you all! Continuing to pray. <3

  2. What a handsome young man! love and prayers to all of you!
    Jane Syms

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