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Send a Letter To The Boys At Camp Rainbow!

We are so excited! We all leave for our destinations tomorrow – the boys to Camp Rainbow, and Holly and I to our super-secret, classified location for a getaway! While at camp, the Child Life Specialists recommended that we send a letter for the boys to receive while they are there; basically, just an encouragement for the one fighting (and beating!) cancer, and one for support for the siblings that have been a part of the battle, too.

Letters from within Georgia need to be in the mail by Tuesday at the latest (Monday is better to ensure it arrives). Other areas should definitely mail by Monday as they are leaving early Friday morning to come home. If you or your kids would like to send them a letter of encouragement, the address is below. They are in separate cabins, so please address and send them separately. Thanks so much!


Caleb Murray or Josh Murray
c/o Camp Rainbow
Camp Twin Lakes
1391 Keencheefoonee Rd
Rutledge, GA 30663