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Make A Wish!

What an amazing week it has been for one 12 year old boy! On Monday, he had an incredible wish come true thanks to the wonderful people at the Make A Wish Foundation.

We got a call just a few weeks after Caleb’s diagnosis last year from Make a Wish. We were told that he had been recommended for a wish and we started a process that culminated almost a year later with a smile that is still entrenched on Caleb’s face. We have had phone calls, paperwork, and visits over these last few months from some wonderful people that I am forever grateful to.

We finally sat down with a lady from North Augusta and her daughter, both of whom are volunteers and work with patients with possibly terminal diseases for Make a Wish. Caleb had gotten a packet a few weeks earlier that told him how to go about coming up with a wish. He was a little overwhelmed. I cannot count how many times he asked us what he should do for a wish, but we kept telling him it was HIS wish. We finally caved and sat down to make a long list of ideas with him.

Caleb thought about it and discussed it for weeks. On the night that the volunteers came to talk with us, one sat with Holly and I to talk about logistics while the other talked with Caleb in an adjacent room. We could hear him occasionally, and one thing that stuck out to me really touched our hearts. He told her, “Whatever I get for a wish, I want it to be something my whole family can enjoy with me.” As many times as you doubt whether you are making the grade as a parent, it is good to hear that something has gotten through. What a selfless, awesome kid!

It came down to three wishes. His first choice came from watching his (and our!) favorite TV show, Duck Dynasty. It is hilarious and clean, and we enjoy watching it together and howling with laughter. As you all know, Caleb loves his four wheeler and loves riding motorized vehicles. So he got the idea after seeing it on the show and riding in a good friend’s vehicle to ask for a Polaris Ranger RZR. Of course, Daddy was stoked with that idea! He said he only wanted it if he could get a four-seater so we could all ride together.

His second choice was one that his mom was more in tune with. It was a trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. His third choice was to go to France to visit the plant and test track where they build his favorite car – the $2.5 million Bugatti Veyron.

They took his choices and told us it would take a few weeks to make a wish come true. About a month after the meeting, I got a call from the volunteer saying that MAW has a policy of not giving gas-driven vehicles for wishes, and would Caleb like to look for an electric model or go to wish number two. She had found an electric model online that we checked out. Caleb said he would still prefer that option, much to his mother’s dismay!

So fast forward to last week. I got a call from the volunteers stating that a wish had been granted and they were delivering it Monday! We met them in Avera Monday afternoon at 5:00 to get it. When we drove up, there was a big Bad Boy Mowers, Inc. box truck with a huge Bad Boy MTV (multi-terrain vehicle) sitting there with balloons attached to it and a nice trailer for towing it. Caleb was jumping in his seat! Before I put the truck in park, he had jumped out of the door and was running over to it. My heart was swelling for him.

In those few seconds I flashed back to a year of trauma. As he was running away from me, I saw a little boy whose hair was falling out in clumps. I saw a little boy with tubes and wires connected to his body. I saw a little boy with tears running down his face, wondering why. I saw a little boy hunched over a green bag getting nauseous. I saw a little boy biting his lip and getting ready for yet another injection. I saw a little boy say to a mountain to be removed and be cast into the sea, and then watched with him as the mountain was moved.

I had told him earlier in the day that I wished he was not getting a wish that day. The only reason he was getting one was because of what he had been up against for so many months and the fact that it was the enemy’s plan to steal his life. If he had not had to endure all that he had for the last year, there would have been no wish granted. And as happy as he was in that moment, I wish that could have been the case. But what the enemy intended for destruction, God is using for His glory!

Caleb has ridden it for hours until the batteries have died every day since then. I am so glad to see him happy and smiling. That is what Make a Wish is all about. Today, he has a good bit of peach fuzz all over his head. His hair is finally coming back! Things are good, and it is only because God is so good. Where would we be without Him?

I (Jesus) am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last. -Revelation 22:13