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Final PET Scan Tomorrow

We have to do something tomorrow morning that I have not had to do in a couple of weeks – get up and head to the clinic with Caleb! It was such a part of our lives for the past year and now it seems like we have not been there in forever. We are SO thankful for the mercy and goodness of God.

Caleb has been doing great. He is getting more and more of his energy back and doing stuff he hasn’t done in over a year. He is ordering lettuce on everything he can get it on! He still has not started growing his hair back yet, but we expect to start seeing it any day now.

We got word from our last scans that were done a couple of weeks ago that everything is clear and Caleb is officially cancer free. We also found out that one of the requirements for the clinical trial we were a part of was to get another PET scan at the end of the treatments. We have to get that done tomorrow.

Right now it is just after midnight on Friday, October 25, 2012. That means that today is a milestone for Caleb. Exactly one year ago today he got his very first chemo treatment. Holly and I were talking about that earlier today. I went back and read the blog post from one year ago. It is a sober reminder of what we were facing, yet also a testimony of the power of God that was working in our lives. What an amazing journey it has been. Our eyes have been opened to the plight that so many families face in battling health issues with their kids. We will never look at children in those situations the same. We can relate to them and have a story of hope and healing to share with them.

Caleb continues to get better on guitar. He has gotten to the point where it is fun for him and not just a chore to learn basic fundamentals. It is amazing to hear him playing in his room and to hear some of the things that he can pick out of his head. He’ll start playing and working out a song that he has not heard in months by memory. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him!

I have been asked by a good, long-time friend to help him with an organization that he has had on his heart for some time. He feels that with our experience in dealing with a potentially life-threatening illness that I would be uniquely qualified to help with it. His company he owns has a large tract of land that has a big deer population and a beautiful lodge on it. He is wanting to start a non-profit organization to provide children with serious medical conditions (specifically cancer to start with) an opportunity to spend a weekend at the lodge and to get a chance to hunt deer and fish at no cost to them.

I am very excited about this! I actually had considered months ago whether God would have me to do something like this on my own. We have had a lot of support over the last year from organizations that help families going through what we did. I thought maybe there was something that I could do with my areas of expertise to help kids, too. It is so funny that right after we finished treatments and I started thinking about what I was doing next in my life, that this opportunity came along. Things are progressing much quicker than any of our newly-formed team thought they would and I am bursting with excitement with what God is going to do through this.

One of the things we are doing with the weekend is to have it surrounded with Christian activities and ministry. We have discussed having Caleb and I to share our testimony with the kids and their families. What an opportunity! God did not bring this sickness onto Caleb (John 10:10), but He can and will get the glory for the great things He has done in us! Please keep our endeavors in your prayers.

On another personal note, I have said it over and over that I am ready to get back to work. I have spent many weeks and months praying about what is next for me in my life. I had considered finding a new career to pursue; something more in line with my musical giftings. But I keep getting drawn back into what I have done for 16 years now, and that is insurance.

I had a client that I have worked with for over ten years to pass away last week. I was able to get over to see his widow last week when Holly was off on Friday and help her get things situated, and to help her with all of the paperwork. We also got her set up with some of his investments he left to her so that she would have income for the rest of her life without touching her principal. It felt so good to be helping someone in that way again. She was a little intimidated with making big money decisions, and it was so fulfilling to be able to help her. In her vulnerable state, I could have easily taken advantage of her and had her to invest in products that would have paid me a very high commission.

She made a comment to me that hit me hard and made me realize that what I was doing is truly a ministry in so many ways. She said, “Keith, I’m glad I have someone I can trust to look after my affairs and not have to worry whether he is selling me something that is better for him than it is for me.” So many charlatan insurance agents have given the industry a bad name over the years. I have worked with many widows over the years and have gotten so many referrals to other people because of doing the right thing for them. My dad told me the first day I came into the insurance business to always remember to put my clients first. He said that if I would take care of them, they would take care of me. That has been so true.

I am meeting with one of the most successful agents in the state who is a longtime, close friend of mine next week. We are going to come up with a battle plan to get me back into the insurance business as much I can while still attending to the boys for now. Ultimately, I would love to be able to put them into a private school and get to work now, but we will have to see what doors the Lord opens. We are still praying about all of this and covet your prayers in this area, as well. We know that “the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, and He delights in his way,” (Psalm 37:23) so we are trusting and depending on God’s direction. We have a lot of decisions to make in this regard in the days ahead.

Thanks again for listening to my ramblings. This blog has been a wonderful outlet for me. Our family still needs your prayers. There is a lot going on in our lives. I cannot remember if I mentioned on this blog, but we almost made a very bad, very big decision a few months ago. We met with our pastor about it and he said that as he had prayed about the situation and the decision we were considering, he felt that the Lord had shown him that the enemy had seen that he was making now leeway in the area of Caleb’s health – he had suffered a huge defeat there. So therefore, he was going to attack in other areas and try to bring us down however he could. We have definitely seen the attacks in the last few weeks. It has been intense. Please continue to stand with us and fight. Your prayers have done wonders in our lives and we still need you to pray with us. We have the victory!

But thanks be to God, which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. -1Cor 15:57