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Counts Coming Up

I said yesterday that Caleb’s white blood count was 0.4 after being 0.3 the day before. The doctor this morning said that is just how it shows in the computer, but it is actually 400. This morning it jumped to 1,000! His ANC is still not registering because it is so low, so they still have it at zero, but she said that with his white blood count up so much, the labs this morning should show an actual number. The oncologist told us we can’t go home until it is over 200, so keep praying and believing!

I spent the night last night and although I slept like a rock, it was not nearly long enough. Holly will be up here later so I can go get some rest. Then I’ll spend the day up here tomorrow after church. Hopefully, his numbers will be up enough that we can go home the next day or so. I’ll keep you all posted!