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Chemo Done For The Week

We have had quite an eventful few days. I am still experiencing a lot of pain in my lower back that we believe is associated with the accident. Both boys complained of back pain for a few hours after being jarred sideways. Mine has persisted for over a week now. I went to the ER and got some meds and instructions on how to ease the pain, but with the persistence, I may go back tomorrow and have them to do the x-ray they offered last time.

Caleb had chemo Monday and Tuesday in the clinic. Holly took him Monday. Yesterday, Holly had a biopsy at her doctor and Caleb had chemo. Please be praying for Holly and for a good report from the biopsy. Since we are still down to one vehicle for the foreseeable future, we had an elaborate plan worked out to make it all work with the scheduling. On Monday evening, Holly got a text from a good friend and co-worker offering to go with her to the doctor as Holly was a little anxious about going alone, so we didn’t have to try and fit it all together. We are so thankful for friends like that who come alongside to help out. What an angel that friend is to Holly and our family!

Caleb was nauseous and exhausted form the chemo all day long yesterday. He seems to have a little more strength today and has fought off the nausea so far today. He has one day of chemo next Monday. The following week, he and Joshua will be going to Camp Rainbow for the week.

Last week, I talked with a good friend who has written some books so I could get some information on writing our story and getting it published. I was given some great ideas and insight. So I have started writing my first book. It has come faster and easier than I thought, but it is a lot of work and brings back a lot of emotions when recounting our journey. I hope that when I am done with it that God will open the doors for it. I want it to be an encouragement for those that fight this battle in the future and a reminder of God’s goodness and healing power. I share the journey, but I also share a lot of the behind the scenes spiritual warfare and details – some of which I have shared on the blog.

I do covet your prayers. There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes that I appreciate the prayers for. I am trying to fight discouragement and stay strong for my family, but the battle rages on.

For I can do everything through Christ,who gives me strength. Even so, you have done well to share with me in my present difficulty. -Phil 4:13-14