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Another Weekend At The Hospital

This weekend will be the third weekend in a row that Caleb is in the hospital. Last weekend was scheduled chemo, but the week before that as well as this weekend are because of fever. Today, I got home from running errands in Augusta and Holy told me that Caleb had been asleep most of the day because he was up most of the night. The chemo causes constipation, and the dry, hard discharge has cut Caleb’s rectum more than once. He was up last night because of the pain, and is still in pain from it tonight.

I asked Holly if she had checked to see if he had a temperature. She had not because she did not want to disturb him. She went and felt him in his bed and said he was sweating. The thermometer confirmed it – 102.1. Holly immediately started packing and I called the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology department at GHSU to let them know we were coming in. Running a fever means infection on chemo patients, and with a weakened immune system, that is something that must be addressed immediately. They confirmed that we needed to come in.

After four hours in the ER, they final got the results from his blood work and cultures – his white blood count was very low. They hooked him up on antibiotics and wheeled him up to room 5825.

Holly’s mom had come and picked up Joshua when we found out about the fever, so he stayed with her while we were gone. We are so thankful for family and friends stepping up and helping during stressful times like these. Being that we are down to one car, I had to drive Holly and Caleb to the hospital and drop them off after getting settled into a room, then drive back home from Augusta for the second time in one day.

For those that aren’t on Facebook and were not aware, we blew a head gasket in Holly’s Trailblazer earlier this week. The repair is very expensive, and we are going to be down to one car for a while. This weekend is not a good one to be a one-car family. Actually, with where we live and the distance to go anywhere, it is not easy at any time.

The same day, the A/C stopped working in my Suburban, and Caleb’s ATV and Joshua’s dirt bike all had problems! And the lawnmower wouldn’t start the day before all that, so all of our motorized vehicles and equipment were down at once!

I’ve got someone that is going to diagnose the AC problem Monday (I’ll share more about that next week!). It has been working most of the day today, so hopefully that is something simple. And the four wheeler and dirt bike are simple fixes. It’s just that the timing of everything happening in one day made me laugh. I knew what was up. What the enemy meant to use to discourage us actually was funny because we knew where it was coming from (the THIEF comes to steal, kill, and destroy – John 10:10) and we know God would take care of it.

I share this to ask you to please be praying for our vehicle situation when you pray for Caleb. The thing is, I am not worried about it at all. Oh, what our eyes have seen God do! So we know He can take care of something as insignificant as a car after what we have witnessed Him do in our lives these last few months. He is watching over His Word to see that it is fulfilled (Jer 1:12), and His Word said that He would supply ALL our need (Phil 4:19). We believe that we receive it! (Mark 11:23-24) We have seen time and again that anytime the enemy attacks like this that something really good is coming. So we are anxiously awaiting the blessing God has for us. Thank You, Lord!

Philippians 4:19
And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.